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What is Lode Croo???

Kingwood  Mighty Mustang Military Marching Band

The KM4B Lode Croo (Load Crew) is solely responsible for loading and unloading all of the equipment used during the football games. Lode Croo consists exclusively of sophomore men led by juniors and seniors who have previously served on Lode Croo.

After the first few games of the football season, Lode Croo becomes voluntary, and usually consists of about 15 to 25 sophomore men. Lode Croo members usually get perks, like extra   refreshments at games - but they work hard for these perks!

The leadership in Lode Croo consists of lieutenants (generally juniors) and captains (generally seniors). Together they teach the sophomores what to do, and how to do it, and then lead the “troops” in executing their duties. To be considered for a leadership position on Lode Croo a band member must be nominated and voted on by the directors and drum majors.

Much like a small company in the military, Lode Croo is very well known for its variety of yells and chants (along with occasionally breaking instruments and school bus windows). Many of these yells are part of long held traditions of the Lode Croo, and some have a few inside jokes to them.

All in all, Lode Croo is a vital aspect of KM4B, and the band would never be able to function as smoothly as it does without it.

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